Top Business Development Execs to Watch in 2022: CAES’ Erin Kocourek – WashingtonExec

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Erin Kocourek, CAES

Erin Kocourek

Vice President, Advanced Technology and Growth, CAES

On top of her CAES executive leadership, Erin Kocourek recently completed flight training in pursuit of a private pilot license. In her free time, she wanted to better understand aeronautical engineering principles, and pursuing a pilot license seemed like the perfect way to get hands-on education.

Sitting in the cockpit, she continued to learn about the intricacies of aeronautics, electronics, communications, avionics and mechanical systems and the complex interplay between them necessary for safe flight.

“It is rewarding to be able to apply this hands-on knowledge to help advance electronics technology and capabilities for our nation,” Kocourek said.

CAES CEO Mike Kahn said Kocourek’s unique skill set, passion for A&D and her industry outreach are quickly creating “an impressive growth trajectory for the business.”

“Erin brings great experience, boundless energy, and resolve for breaking down barriers and enabling accelerated capability to our customers,” he said. “She lives by the philosophy of ‘people first, mission always’ and motivates the teams to achieve extraordinary goals. She is dedicated to our customers’ missions and is able to effectively collaborate across our industry to develop and deliver needed solutions quickly and affordably.”

Why Watch

In 2022, Kocourek’s business development team is focused on building bridges to employ advanced electronics in next-generation missile systems to enable maximum mission effects. The team’s goal is to advance electronic technology and deliver flawless products on time to help keep warfighters safe.

Kocourek’s team members want the greater industrial base to know CAES is positioned to grow at scale to meet the needs of customers, and they’re demonstrating they’re the most agile electronics partner of choice, delivering end-to-end digitally engineered electronic systems for the nation’s most critical programs.

“I believe when you inspire an inclusive, innovative and collaborative culture, high-performing teams are a natural result,” Kocourek said. “When you prioritize customer engagement every step of the way, trust is built, and tremendous capabilities result at the speed of relevance. Systems work the first time and positive business results are realized.”

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