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Simon Szykman, Maximus

Simon Szykman

Senior Vice President for Client Growth, Maximus

Simon Szykman has played an integral role in the remarkable growth for Maximus across federal agencies since his arrival in early 2021, and credits his unique background for his success.

Instead of moving up the typical sales organization ladder, his two-decade career in government service features stints as chief information officer of the Commerce Department and as the first director of cybersecurity research and development at the Department of Homeland Security.

“I believe my background has allowed me to bring some valuable perspectives in terms of centering the agency,” he said. “It’s important to understand how government agencies evaluate prospective industry partners and how to ensure our approach resonates when it comes to solutions and technology innovation, particularly at the leading edge.”

Over the past year, the federal team at Maximus has positioned itself as a powerful component of the company’s growth engine. Szykman’s team has been reshaped during this period with corporate functions, such as proposals, brought in and integrated into the business along with the hiring of new agency-focused business development leaders.

There has also been an increased focus on alliances and marketing. Business development performance has demonstrated growth using key metrics, including overall contract wins.

“Simon’s experience bringing industry and government together to solve very complex challenges is a key differentiator for Maximus and how we approach our business development efforts,” said Teresa Weipert, general manager of federal services at Maximus. “He understands the complexities facing our government clients and helps Maximus drive innovation that focuses on mission impact and outcomes.”

Why Watch

Maximus is poised to further expand its work within the federal government, as it adds new agencies and grows existing partnerships. The breadth of services Maximus offers continues to evolve through its use of emerging technologies and experience in large enterprise operations.

“Without question, the Maximus of tomorrow will look different from the Maximus of today,” Szykman said. “The company has significantly expanded its portfolio of capabilities through acquisitions in the past couple of years, and our drive to position ourselves as a market leader continues to take us on an accelerated path to success.”

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