Rachel Bros De Puechredon, the new Senior Global Business Development Manager for

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Rachel Bros De Puechredon, the new senior global business development manager for hydrogen at GF Piping Systems.

With her strong knowledge of the hydrogen industry, Rachel Bros de Puechredon will be responsible for developing and implementing the global business strategy.

Rachel Bros De Puechredon has more than 20 years of business experience and has successfully initiated, led and implemented global high-tech renewable energy projects.

At GF Piping Systems, she will apply her highly specialized knowledge of the hydrogen ecosystem, technologies and sales processes to identify and evaluate new business opportunities. Their primary goal will be to position the company as a key player in the field of hydrogen.

Rachel Bros De Puechredon said:

Piping systems are needed across the entire hydrogen value chain.

“From production and storage to use, GF Piping Systems is the right partner when it comes to customized polymer solutions and customer support. We want to contribute to the growth of this global market, which is an important enabler for the much-needed energy transition.”

With over 200 years of experience as a leading provider of flow solutions for the safe and reliable transport of liquids and gases, GF Piping Systems wants to support the hydrogen market with its expertise. Product families such as ELGEF Plus, MULTI/JOINT 3000 Plus and PRIMOFIT have already received certifications from KIWA and DBI.

This makes GF Piping Systems’ plastic piping systems a corrosion-free and durable alternative for transporting sustainable energy while minimizing maintenance costs and downtime. In addition, companies in the hydrogen sector can use the company’s total solutions to optimize their piping systems and further improve their sustainability.

About GF Piping Systems As a leading provider of flow solutions for the safe and sustainable transport of gases and liquids, GF Piping Systems creates connections for life. The division specializes in industry-leading, leak-free piping systems for various demanding market segments.

Their strong focus on customer centricity and innovation is reflected in its global sales, service and production footprint as well as its award-winning portfolio. The range includes fittings, valves, pipes, automation, production and connection technology.

GF Piping Systems is represented in 31 countries with its own sales companies in order to always be close to its customers. Production facilities at 36 locations in America, Europe and Asia ensure sufficient availability and fast, reliable delivery. In 2021, GF Piping Systems generated sales of CHF 1,971 million and employed 7,686 people. GF Piping Systems is a division of Georg Fischer Ltd, founded in 1802 and headquartered in Schaffhausen, Switzerland.

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H2 ready: GF Piping Systems heisst Rachel Bros de Puechredon willkommen, November 22, 2022

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