IMechE Business Development Team gets back on the road again

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Sandra Mulligan, the IMechE’s senior business manager
Sandra Mulligan, the IMechE’s senior business manager

Statistics from the Engineering Council show that, over the past 10 years, the IMechE has elected the largest number of new registrants, ahead of all other engineering institutions. This is in no small part due to the combined efforts of staff and volunteers working closely together, notably the Global Business Development Team.

Our 16-strong team, who are all based in the Regions, focuses on explaining the depth and breadth of the IMechE and the requirements for professional registration. They also guide and coach applicants through the various routes to registration. 

After the pandemic, we are delighted to be back on the road again, providing support, both in person and virtually, which is tailored to meet client needs. The pandemic resulted in the team having to quickly change from frequent travel to face-to-face interactions, to a virtual world. Evidence indicates that engagement at virtual events can be less than at in-person events, so we are pleased to be back meeting people face-to-face. 

Support is provided in a variety of different ways, from site visits to presentations and workshops via digital platforms. 

Individual guidance

Membership surgeries, for example, provide engineers with an opportunity for a one-to-one consultation to discuss their individual circumstances, while applications workshops provide candidates with guidance on preparing their application form for submission and what to expect at professional review interview. Feedback indicates that applicants particularly value the opportunity to have their draft application critiqued before submission. It provides them with reassurance that they are ready to apply and are likely to have a positive outcome after interview. 

The team also supports organisations wishing to have their graduate training schemes or apprenticeships approved by the Institution. 

Sandra Mulligan, the IMechE’s senior business manager in the UK, says: “Our roles encompass being ambassadors for the Institution. We all love being out in industry and academia, face-to-face with our audiences, chatting with engineers and providing them with the information that they need.

“No two days are the same! A typical week could include helping a member upgrade to fellowship or access the Support Network, delivering mentor training, reviewing draft applications, attending a regional committee meeting, explaining the Challenge events or signposting someone to the wealth of bitesize learning opportunities on the IMechE’s YouTube channel. It’s great to direct a member to the library to find that elusive paper that they haven’t been able to source through their own efforts. 

“We are always delighted to receive messages from successful applicants thanking us for the support that we’ve provided – it makes the job very rewarding. Getting to know applicants from a huge variety of industry sectors and helping them move closer to achieving career goals is tremendously interesting and enjoyable.”

Lightbulb moments

“At present, it is a delight to be presenting to the next generation of professional engineers, the new intake of first-year students and apprentices, at universities and training providers around the globe. We love to see the lightbulb moments when someone, who has never heard of the IMechE before our talk, understands that the Institution will be there for them, providing support throughout their studies and beyond.” 

Tap into the resources available from the Business Development Team – you can email us at or visit these pages.

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