Eight Ways to Maintain Your Team’s Momentum in the New Year

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During the holidays, it’s easy for teams to get swept up in the cheer and overall positive mood of the season. However, as the new year begins and the festivities have wound down, you and your employees may experience a dip in energy.

While 12 months of holiday spirit might not be feasible (or even desired), there are plenty of ways leaders can maintain their team’s good mood and upward momentum year-round. To help, the members of Rolling Stone Culture Council offer eight strategies for keeping up team morale at the beginning of the year and beyond.

Share Positivity From the Top

To continue momentum into the new year, leaders need to exert that positivity from the top. Share with your teams what you are most excited about, both personally and professionally. Teams like to be reminded that we’re all human. Infuse that into the workplace, reminding everyone of all we will work toward this year. – Victoria Bachan, Whalar

Encourage Personal Ownership

The beginning of a new year should be no different from the holidays or any other time of the year as long as you are running an organization that fosters personal ownership to create and control the outcome of projects while maintaining open, honest conversation. Happy teams are happy — no matter the season. – Maureen Smithey, CastleWare Baby

Keep Teams Invested in the ‘Big Picture’

It’s all about the goals! The end of the year is a good time to evaluate what goals your team has achieved and praise employees for their accomplishments. On the heels of that, launch goals for the first quarter of the year. Give your team something to work toward, the next goals to hit. Keep them invested in your “big picture” because they are the ones who help to manifest your business dreams. – Sheila Dedenbach, Heavenly Sweet

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Foster Open Communication

Encourage team members to openly communicate their thoughts, ideas and concerns. This can help identify and address any issues that may be affecting morale or motivation. – Jenny Ta, web3vcfunds.com

Focus on Gratitude and Vision

To keep up momentum and positivity from the holidays, leaders must keep gratitude and vision at the forefront of their team’s minds. Gratitude will remind them to be thankful for the opportunities they’ve been given thus far, while vision will allow them to have faith and enthusiasm toward the future. – King Holder, PROCUSSION

Hold Quarterly Reviews

Rested, motivated employees are more creative and productive. That’s why I like having a quarterly review at the beginning of the new year. There, we can give stimulating feedback, set our goals and create momentum for the next few months. – Jacob Mathison, Mathison Projects Inc.


Offer Rewards

To carry that same positive attitude and momentum that teams have in December into the new year, leaders need to be able to delegate effectively, provide constructive criticism without being overly harsh and offer rewards for a job well done. – Kristin Marquet, Marquet Media, LLC

Share Feedback and Appreciation

I usually organize an annual review with my team members at the beginning of the year to keep them motivated. It provides them with an opportunity to receive feedback, set goals and receive recognition for their accomplishments. As a leader, you can also use this time as an opportunity to show your appreciation for their hard work over the past year, keeping them engaged and productive in their roles. – Theo Sastre-Garau, NFTevening

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